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General Cremated Remains

​​​​​​Scattered at Sea. Coordinates are listed below . We traveled 4-5 miles West of Point Loma. 

Guardian  Angels goes out monthly 

" Sea Angels " is a 20 foot INMAR inflatable rib . This is a military Series Ridgid Hull with a Suzuki 140 hp

Esponal 760-443-2563

Our trip out of the harbor to scatter remains at sea.

The release coordinates. 

Our Basic Urn selection 

Cedar Chest , Black Vase, Cedar photo, Bio Box. 

Guardian Angel offers two levels of service to fit our customer’s needs. Our company offers a private and a general cremation. 

Private Cremation Service
Guardian Angel offers a private cremation service. This service provides the pickup from your home or the veterinarian clinic. Transportation to and from the place of pickup. Your pet will be cremated and returned in three business days. Guardian Angel offers several urns to choose from with our private cremation service. Please see the picture below of our basic selections. 

Positive Identification System
Guardian Angel exclusively uses the positive ID system. This guarantees that the remains of the pet can be identified throughout the entire process. We issue veterinarian facilities an “ID Disks” that is secured to the pet’s paw. The number on the “ID Disk” is then entered onto the invoice and the body tag. As we proceed with the process the “ID Disk” stays with the pet until it is returned to the family insuring they are receiving their pets remains. 

General Cremation
Guardian Angel offers a general cremation in which the pet will be cremated together with other pets. The remains will be then scattered at sea. The service will include the transportation to pick up the pet. 

Additional Services
Guardian Angels offers several additional items that pet owners select. Please see our products page for these items. 

Attending your Pet’s Cremation
Guardian Angel offers a memorial room where you can have the opportunity to pay your respects in a dignified and caring manner. Our professional staff will coordinate a private viewing followed by a private cremation. This service can be completed while you wait. You can then leave with your pets remains in the same day. This service will be offered for an additional fee. 

Home Euthanasia Services
Whatever the reason, deciding on euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions a family pet owner will ever have to make. Ultimately what can cause the most pain, is also one of the kindest and loving things we can do for your pet. Choosing to have your pet euthanized, rather than to ignore or deny suffer shows courage and promise to give your companion the best possible care. 

Guardian Angel works with several home euthanasia services. If you have one selected, make your appointment with the doctor and then make your arrangements with us. Our service is flexible and works compassionately with pet owners to suit what is best for them. 

Prepayment and Preplanning Services
If time permits, it may be beneficial to plan your pets end-of-life journey and aftercare, rather than leaving everything to decide in time of grief. Planning ahead allows you to clearly think through what you would really like to do, as well as how you would like to remember your pets after they pass. It helps to alleviate the pressure off having to make decisions under emotional distress. No matter if the time spent forward planning, is for either euthanasia or preparing what to expect, Guardian Angel is here to help you cope at that time and beyond. Any additional questions about preplanning may be answered at (619) 677-4551. 


We Celebrate the release of our general cremated remains . 

Our Basic Package includes a Choice of a urn a certificate of cremation , sympathy letter , Best Friends charm Rainbow Bridge Candle and a Custom engraving