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Thank you for considering Guardian Angels pet cremation service. As can be expected their can be many emotions and many questions that can arise.. I tried to answer some of the more frequent ones that do come up . I welcome all calls as I hold my service true to my heart as you hold your pet true to yours.. Mike 619-677-4551 

  1. How long does the process take?
  2. Our service picks your pet the same day. Pets are cremated the next business day and returned to the vets office or if picked up at your home , back to your home. We have a 3 day turn around time as we believe that the the healing process can start as soon as you receive your pets remains back .
  3. Can I pre plan?
  4. Yes. You can make prior arrangements by calling our number. I am flexible and put your family members first . I will assist you during this stressful time.
  5. Can I visit the crematory?
  6. Yes. You can plan a tour of our state of the art facility. Please call me so I can arrange a time to meet you.
  7. Can I be present during the time of the cremation?
  8. Guardian angels offers a private viewing . We have a memorial room where you can spend time with your loved one before the cremation process. This is a scheduled service where you can leave with your pet in the same day. Additional fees will apply. Please feel free to call for additional details.
  9. Can I drop off my pet?
  10. Yes you can drop off your pet to our facility. Please call me so I can make these arrangements.
  11. Do you do pick ups on weekends?
  12. Yes. Guardian Angels provides weekend and after hour pickups.


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